Selected snippings and Clippings of love and curiosity


  • Fresh from SXSW (’cause who needs a decent night’s sleep, really?) Thee MVPs blast through their set with a turbocharged energy – a unifying feature of all the bands who play tonight – UPSET
  • London garage-punks Thee MVPs’ frenetic live show was a highlight from the 6th Annual Strange Brew Party at Hotel Vegas – HOT PRESS
  • Best shit out of London in quite some time. Having played 16 SXSW shows this year might also bring them the crown – THE BAY BRIDGED
  • We haven’t heard a band that makes us all 4 of us excited like that in awhile! – HIGH WAISTED
  • everything depends on that one show at that exact moment in time – THE LEXINGTON
  • Thee MVPs are set to blow through SXSW with all the gusto of a Viking raiding party – GIGWISE 
  • True to form, ‘Funeral’ is a 100mph death march, a vicious slab of noise that couldn’t go any faster if it had the Tasmanian devil behind the wheel – DIY
  • The raw energy of this band won me over, that up and down, back and forth, rocking motion guitar riffs that are impossible not to move to – Too Many Blogs
  • they explode into a nasty, hooky number that recalls early 2000’s East London art-noise – Rockfeedback
  • strut and swagger like Dr Feelgood – NME
  • They play songs that take me back to the first time I heard FIDLAR – Punktastic
  • I won’t try and pretend I knew any of their tunes going in, but I have been scouring the web for them since – The AU Review
  • Barcelona lovin’ on EIukele
  • with its gritty instrumentation, will be keeping your turntable warm and spirits high as you spin it again and again. – Don’t Need no Melody
  • two deadly sides combine to form a deadly virus of colliding guitar lines and a breakneck speed attitude that’s only going to get the band in trouble eventually. As it stands, they’re still racing 100mph towards the future. – DIY magazine premiere of a Song for Baron Willoughby
  • all imminently playable, ready made to sweat out and consume a ridiculous amount of alcohol with no recourse (until the next morning when you start drinking again, that is). This is great. – Oh Sally review on Sonic Masala
  • The two tracks represent a group pushing their music forward with uncontrolled power, while still keeping it catchy and adding plenty of sweet vocal harmonies. Especially “Amok Time” on the b-side is an stand-out track that immediately sticks in your memory. Garage-punk of the finest quality! – Oh Sally Single review on Ride a Dove

Shindig! Magazine interview

‘Funeral’, a ritualistically savage number that darts in and out of consciousness at foolish speeds. If this was indeed a song about respectful, mourning occasions, it’s arriving in the form of one unlikely soundtrack. – PNKSLM EP Premiere DIY

They’re rock’n’roll craftsmen, not Segall clones. – PNKSLM EP review on Pitchfork

With their newest EP “Thee MVP’s” they’re the closest thing Britain have to Parquet Courts. Everything is played at breakneck speed, but this isn’t simply thoughtless thrash, as it bears significant evidence of coherent, accomplished song-writing. – PNKSLM EP review on Frock and Roll

It’s certainly got a touch of the Ty Segalls about it and has an extra smidge of polish to it that shows the four-piece have upped their game. But don’t take that to mean it’s over-produced, you can still taste the sweat and feel the rumble of the bassline just fine. – FUNeral on one good thing each day

New garage! – Baixa Isso from Portugal

An interview for VICE magazine Netherlands/Belgium circa very early 2013 (translate it!)

Woman Is A Danger Cat, with its burbling, scratchy guitars and off the cuff screams is on the right side of messy, while The Lurgy starts out as a slow, spooky, frightnight horror flick instrumental – Sex Beat