Neelam Khan Vela - Click for more work

Neelam Khan Vela – Click for more work

We’ve had a successful run of hosting shows in the form of Most Valuable Party, an irregular yet memorable night of BYOB, warehouse mischief with lineups curated by us. Guests that have played include Theo Verney, King Brothers (Japan), Twin Peaks (Chicago), The Black Tambourines and Claw Marks.

Unfortunately now Jack moved out of the spot we hosted the shows at it’s becoming a more distant prospect to be able to run these gigs anymore, in the wake of more and more creative buildings and institutes being bought out it somehow became a rarity to put on a house show. We were exceedingly fortunate to have the two years and five gigs we had, and to put together such hilariously crowded and wild shows was definitely an important time for us to grow as a band and hopefully encourage people that watch us to put together their own events.

These things always went off in a big way and left everyone feeling like a fox in a chicken coup. Join the group here and share old pictures or anecdotes. You will definitely know about it if another one is coming.